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June 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

Welcome to “Credo: Reflections on Life and Faith”! My name is David Inczauskis, and I am a fourth year student at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. My goal with this blog is to write as often as possible about life in Christ. The posts will be geared towards particular thoughts, ideas, quotes, or situations that strike me as particularly relevant for discussion or debate. I am under the impression–though perhaps this impression is false–that we are living in a world of soundbites. The ideas expressed in many news articles and on Facebook posts and on Twitter feeds don’t do justice to our world’s complexities or to the dignity of the human person. I believe we need to open spaces for a more detailed analysis of the issues confronting our time. My intention is for this blog to be one of those spaces. Of course, I will make frequent reference to Christian sources, but I hope that non-Christians will be able to find substance worthy of analysis, too. Thank you for reading! May the Lord bless you, your friends, your families, and your enemies!