Vivos et mórtuos

June 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

“The Church cannot accept even the appearance of siding with discrimination or with the persecution of any children of God. The resulting wounds are not primarily political defeats; they are real injuries to the Body of Christ.” –The Jesuit Post ( Are you with us or are you against us? Although this question is almost never stated explicitly in conversation, many times it is implied. Very rarely do we find news articles today that do not exhibit large degrees of slant or bias. Consider, for example, the website , which feeds its devotees with a narrow, liberal point of view. Also consider the blog , which puts forth an equally one-sided perspective. I admit that for years I only watched one news station and only followed one politically-oriented website. The result of such a singled-minded approach is radicalization. I believe that the Church finds herself in the same situation. Catholics are rarely treated indifferently. When speaking about the Catholic faith, people are often on the offensive or on the defensive. Either one thinks that the Church stands for everything good and true and holy, or one thinks that the Church represents one of the most significant obstacles to “progress.” Neither of these mentalities is absolutely true. While the people of God are and always shall be the people of God, it is true that the people of God make mistakes and often times do not live up to their highest potential. Sometimes we judge when we shouldn’t judge. Sometimes we speak when we should remain silent. Sometimes we remain silent when we should speak. On the other hand, the Church embodies a certain type of progress that is overlooked in the modern world. Have we so soon forgotten the Church’s patronage of the arts, the sciences, and social justice? Have we so soon overlooked the Church’s involvement in medicine? The Church is the mystical body of Christ, but she is also a pilgrim on this planet. She has a goal that she’s yet to reach. Today let’s try to make a single, secure step towards that goal. Today let’s reflect on Jesus’ vision for the Church and attempt to fulfill that vision with the help of the Holy Spirit!

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