October 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Ecclesia: On Why I Love the Catholic Church



Though there are countless reasons why I love the Catholic Church, I’ll take a moment to list the big four.

1) Her Oneness: The Catholic Church is one ecclesiastical body led by one Lord, Jesus Christ. She professes one faith, regardless of the direction that the wind blows. 

2) Her Holiness: Despite the fact that her members are sinners, the Church seeks holiness and perfection, which are primarily given by the grace of God. 

3) Her Universality: Containing around one billion members does not take away from the Church’s unity. She counts her diverse sons and daughters as equal in dignity no matter what. 

4) Her Apostolic Nature: Jesus did not leave His followers with a Book but rather with a Church of believers. Our Lord sent the twelve apostles to preach the gospel message to all nations. Their authority is inseparable from the Bible that they approved for study, for Truth, and for spiritual growth. 

May God bless His Holy Church and all of her members! May the Church grow in numbers and in faith until the end of time!

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