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“On Justice”

“The LORD is a God of justice, who knows no favorites.
Though not unduly partial toward the weak, yet he hears the cry of the oppressed” (Sir. 35:15-16)



Jesus’s love is impartial. He touched the lives of the poor and the rich alike. First, think of the lepers, the paralytics, and the dead. Then, think of the tax collectors and the wealthy young man. By the world’s standards, these people are on different levels; by God’s standards, love ought to abound in the hearts of everyone.

Our Lord said that only the sick need a doctor, but aren’t we all sick? Don’t we all have wounds that fester within our hearts, wounds that cannot be healed unless we reach out to our Savior? No one is worthy to stand before the Judge on his or her own behalf. We all are in need of mercy and grace if we aim to obtain eternal life.

However, the fact that we are all in need of God’s help when we stand before him should not prevent us from improving the current conditions on Earth. As Pope Francis repeatedly tells us, we should not be partakers in the “globalization of indifference.” Those of us who have the means to improve the lives of the poor (and those who don’t, as well) must act. We have a choice: either we can sit contentedly on our thrones of security and wealth, or we can lower ourselves in humility, acting willingly as servants. 

Who are the weak in our communities? How can we be the hands, the feet, and the ears of God for those people? Our Father hears the cry of the oppressed, but do we hear that cry? Let’s make a step toward justice today. Let’s get to know our communities so well that we can work for solutions that will last.

May Jesus Christ strengthen us as we labor with him for justice and peace.

–David Inczauskis

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