Humani Laboris

October 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

“On Human Labor”


Work is teleological. It has an end–or better said–a purpose. We do not labor for the sake of laboring; rather, we labor for the sake of improving ourselves and for the sake of participating in divine creativity. If only every company would take this message to heart! 

Employers and employees should ask themselves a few questions routinely to ensure that they are on the right path:

1) Does my work contribute toward my dignity and toward the dignity of those who consume my product?

2) Do I recognize that my ability to labor was originally intended to be a gift from God, who asked our ancestors to “dress paradise”?

3) Does my work unite me with the labor of Christ, who suffered for the benefit of all?

Let Jesus be at the center of our labors as students or as members of the workforce. May our work in the vineyard of the Lord align with God’s salvific will for humanity.

Peace be with you,

David Inczauskis


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