Tips for Discerning Religions

October 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

Tips for Discerning Religions

In a world full of chaos, misinformation, and general ignorance, it helps to return to the basics when talking about something as general as “religion.” Here is an example of one method–albeit biased–that we can use to determine which religion fits best:

1) Read
–Find out what each religion teaches.
–Take a look at each religion’s holy books (if any).
2) Talk and Listen
–Speak to others about your ideas and experiences.
–Ask members of different religions to share their ideas and experiences with you.
–Remember to be respectful, honest, and truth-oriented when conversing with others.
3) Pray
–Most religions allow for some communication between the spiritual realm and the human realm, so it can’t hurt to pray.
4) Be Open
–Do the daily examen to determine how the supernatural is affecting your life.
5) Attend Different Services
–Find out how each religion worships.

God bless!!


David JW Inczauskis, nSJ

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