Summons Unheeded: Poem from the Spiritual Exercises

February 15, 2015 — Leave a comment



(La Alhambra de Granada)


There is a palace high

You never dare to go.

Perhaps you wonder why

The answer comes out “no.”


It sits upon a hill

Whose name you can’t pronounce.

At daybreak you sit still

As voices there announce:


“All drowsy souls, draw near:

Contained within’s a quest.

To face head on your fear,

You must arise from rest.


“A task you will receive

Should you knock at our door.

The mind cannot conceive

Exactly what’s in store!


“A few sand grains remain

Within the funnel clear,

So to you we proclaim

‘Make haste and gather here!'”


Each morning thus they call.

The message you heed not.

The leaves begin to fall.

Your soul begins to rot.


The echoes from above

Distant and faint they grow.

False peace not from the dove,

The only peace you know.


Though, much to your distress,

You contemplate the hike.

At times your lips confess,

“I wonder what it’s like.”


When below the tombstone,

The torment will not end.

The call you did not own

From my dear king and friend.

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