American Dreams

January 1, 2017 — 4 Comments


(Looking out onto the Appalachian Mountains)

A poem I’ve written for the new year:

“American Dreams”


Rainstorm flame and playground chalk.
Seaside villas light the dock.
Voices sounding, knuckles knock.
Summer sunset, roadside talk.

Mountain breath and boatside breeze.
Feel the air between the knees.
Pastures pure and yellow cheese.
Castles up in braided trees.

Skyline glow and taxis fast
Whipping left and right then past.
Window glare in cities vast.
Beaches blonde with heat at last.

Cherries red and skies of blues.
Fences white and wooden pews.
Forest falls of yellow hues.
Childhood mem’ries not to lose.

Best wishes,
David Inczauskis, S.J.

4 responses to American Dreams


    Very nice.

    Happy New Year,



    Hi David, absolutely beautiful!

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