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“If you don’t think you’re a hypocrite, then you’re wrong.”

–A good Franciscan confessor


(Hoffman’s Christ and the Rich Young Ruler)

When the Day of Judgment comes, I fear…

  1. That, for all the chapters of the Bible I’ve read and for all the prayers I’ve said, the Gospel will not have changed me at all;
  2. That the value of the books on my shelf will have equaled the yearly income of a poor family;
  3. That I will have lived a normal life;
  4. That I will have spent more time reading novels, watching movies, and listening to music than promoting social justice and working on behalf of the rights of the poor;
  5. That I will have written more pages on philosophy and literature than pages to my governmental representatives on behalf of the oppressed;
  6. That I will have failed to love because I had focused on ‘higher things’;
  7. That I will have been smart but not wise;
  8. That I will have been no different from the priest who failed to be the Good Samaritan to the wounded man in need;
  9. That I will have fallen on many swords for my ideology but will have fallen on no swords for the God of the poor;
  10. That I will not have become like the Christ.

Lord, pardon me. Lord, save me. Lord, change me…

…but may these fears torment me as long as I live.

–David Inczauskis, S.J.