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On Graduation from Wake Forest University


This morning I finished my time at Wake Forest University’s Undergraduate College. Simply put, my graduation is a gift from God, from the University’s faculty, and from my friends and family members. I’d like to share two quotes that summarize my experience at Wake Forest:

1) “The sum of your word is truth; and every one of your righteous ordinances endures forever” (Psalm 119:160).

2) “I learned not to believe anything too firmly of which I had been persuaded only by example and custom; and thus I little by little freed myself from many errors that can darken our natural light and render us less able to listen to reason” (Rene Descartes).

Don’t these two statements capture the heart of learning! Faith and reason. Theology and philosophy. These fields are the heart of human rationality, and they both require intense degrees of humility and perseverance.

At times in my life, I have been told, “You can’t have faith and be intelligent.” Others have said, “Christians are stupid.” My desire is for people to know that comments such as these are pure fictions. I’ve graduated summa cum laude, and my highest grades have been in math and science. God does amazing work through Christians in the field of academics. He is the source of all goodness and all truth, whether we realize it or not. We should praise Him forever.

I pray that we will stick to the path that leads to wisdom and to understanding. May God bless you in abundance.


Best wishes,
David J.W. Inczauskis

Lumen de Lumine

July 5, 2013 — 1 Comment

“A Brief Commentary on Pope Francis’ Encyclical Lumen Fidei


Today the Vatican made public Pope Francis’ first encyclical letter, which is entitled Lumen Fidei or “The Light of Faith.” It is the final product of a document that Benedict XVI started during his pontificate. The title of the work corresponds to one of the three theological virtues–faith, hope, and love. Benedict issued two encyclicals on love and hope, and now Francis is finishing the series by promulgating a letter about faith. I must say that Lumen Fidei is a Christian masterpiece.

My favorite line from the letter is the following: “It is characteristic of the divine light to brighten our eyes whenever we walk towards the fullness of love.” Francis repeatedly uses the metaphor of a light in a mirror to describe the relationship between God and humankind. As we move closer to the mirror by the grace of God, the light grows stronger and stronger. The sacraments, prayer, revelation, and the Church are gifts from God that enable us to achieve union with Him over time. We can walk in the light because of God’s grace and mercy as expressed in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Jesus is the only light that satisfies our thirst for truth; only through Him can we achieve full communion with the Father.

The encyclical also covers the blessing of apostolic succession. The Church that God founded continues to survive because the good news is passed on from generation to generation just as a language moves through history via tradition. It is because of the communion of the apostles and their successors with God that we have the Holy Scripture and the sacraments as Christ ordained them. The Church is the Body of Our Lord, and each member has a vital role to play in service of God and the common good. Only in community–only in the Church–can we find the fulfillment of God’s promises of faithfulness. While salvation is personal, it is communal, as well. The Lord chooses to share the gospel message through the Church. After all, who has come to know Christ by living in a vacuum?

I encourage you to take a look at the encyclical. Undoubtedly, it will help you find your way along the path of holiness. It will encourage you, and it will give you a number of memorable lines for prayer and reflection.

May the Lord provide you with the gift of faith, which reaches its perfection in love.



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Welcome to “Credo: Reflections on Life and Faith”! My name is David Inczauskis, and I am a fourth year student at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. My goal with this blog is to write as often as possible about life in Christ. The posts will be geared towards particular thoughts, ideas, quotes, or situations that strike me as particularly relevant for discussion or debate. I am under the impression–though perhaps this impression is false–that we are living in a world of soundbites. The ideas expressed in many news articles and on Facebook posts and on Twitter feeds don’t do justice to our world’s complexities or to the dignity of the human person. I believe we need to open spaces for a more detailed analysis of the issues confronting our time. My intention is for this blog to be one of those spaces. Of course, I will make frequent reference to Christian sources, but I hope that non-Christians will be able to find substance worthy of analysis, too. Thank you for reading! May the Lord bless you, your friends, your families, and your enemies!