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When my mother tells me

Of my childhood ways

As if they were as certain

As daybreak and nightfall,


When a melody transforms

A melancholy afternoon

Into a moment of union

With the life of another,


When I think of my nephew,

So sensitive, pure, and kind,

Tears falling in pity before

A young goldfish, belly up,


When I have a third glass

Of red wine, deep and dry,

And feel a tender warmth hit

My weary veins and heart,


When an idea erupts at once,

With the force of a bull and

Seizes my imagination until

My fingers flicker furiously,


When a memory shakes me,

Convicts me, enraptures me,

And I am no longer here and

Here becomes here and there,


When she speaks and moves,

And I sense what she wants,

Yet temptation cedes softly

To love, unsullied by desire,


When I see myself as a boy,

And see myself the same,

One smile, one face, one,

Yes, I am he, and he is I,


Despair departs defeated like

A criminal convicted or like

A sour adolescent corrected,


And Beauty and Hope invade,

Victorious now and forever.




–David J.W. Inczauskis, SJ

March 31, 2019